Couples in Harmony

Romantic relationships and marriage are one of the most beautiful aspects of the human experience. We all have the calling to love and be loved in return, and most of us step into a romantic/matrimonial relationship to start the next phase of life. When the feeling of love enters our being, we generally are in a euphoric state where the emotional,physical, and energetic connection between partners is established.

As time goes by most couples do face stress from their environment and social settings, all couples will experience certain challenges life throws at them. And in turn, certain external factors or emotional in-balance affects the relationship adversely. As these difficult moments emerge in life, it will be extremely useful for couples to pick up and practice certain techniques that enhance the sense of working together that promotes and enhances  positivity in their relationship.

Here in HAPPY DAYS COLLECTIVE, Our COUPLES IN HARMONY workshop aims to strengthen the bond of couples and reignite the spark of romance. The workshop is tailored based on Psychology, Mindfulness, Creative Art  and with a touch of Yogic Philosophy. Plus it will make a great date idea!

  • Creative Expression with your Partner
  • Insights on Mindfulness
  • How to apply Mindfulness into Relationships to have an enhanced healthy Communication with your partner
  • Couples Partner Yoga for increased Physical Connection
  • Simple Yogic Breathing for Relaxation
  • Meditations to connect with your partner deeply on a Physical, Emotional and Spiritual level

When: Every Saturday & Sunday

Who: Ideal for couples in relationships/marriage

Time: 4:30pm to 8:30pm (4 hours)

Price: $250 per couple