Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dancing is maybe one of the finest kinds of dance movements you will ever encounter. It’s a type of free-form dancing wherein the soundtrack serves as the sole instructor. There is no set choreography, no set of moves to perform, and no set manner to dance. Empower your body to flow as it pleases and showcase your unique personality.3

The dance is used as a type of meditation, assisting individuals in dealing with stress and achieving peace. Ecstatic dancing has been practised throughout the history of mankind, especially by the maenads, devotees of the wine-god Dionysus, in ancient times.

Often in the therapy of anxiety and depression, consistent ecstatic dancing exercise has been shown to be effective. Many dancers experience great inner happiness, peace, serenity, and a strong relationship with themselves and their environment after doing the ecstatic dance.

It’s advised that you dress loosely and comfortably, and that you dance barefoot. There will be no cameras or phones filming while dancing. The only plot you’re capturing is that you’re having fun with your body and being existent in the flow.

When: Every Friday

Time: 8pm to 9pm

Price: $15 per entry