Our Happy Days Story

Our Founder


Psychologist, Yoga teacher & Independent artist.

My dream from young has always been to help people who have been struggling both mentally and emotionally. In order to overcome my own personal struggles with managing various mental and emotional stressors throughout my life, I have spent more than 10 years gaining experience in the field of mental health in the United States, London, Ireland and Singapore. 


My love for this field of work, further spurred me to complete my Masters in Mental Health Counseling in the United States. I have specifically worked with individuals and families suffering from substance abuse, addictions, trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. I have also closely with children with special needs throughout my career. 


My journey as a Yoga teacher and a self-taught Artist also bloomed initially, as a form of personal healing and self-growth. Going deeper in my yoga practice, and with my love for learning and sharing, I pursued my yoga teacher training in India. In my career as a therapist & counsellor, I have also helped several clients both adults and children heal by incorporating Yoga and Art in my therapeutic work as well. These are the experiences that inspired me to create Happy Days Collective, a Yoga and Arts studio that focus on 3 core principles. 


The first being Mental Health & Wellness. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. At Happy Days Collective, mental health and wellness is fostered through our Yoga and Meditation programs which have also been influenced by the field of Positive Psychology. 


The second is Creative Expression, creative experience and expression help promote mental growth in children and adults alike by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. These experiences help individuals express and cope with difficult feelings and emotions in a more seamless way. In Happy Days Collective, we encourage creative expression through our Art and Music programs.  


Our third principle is to Build Healthy & Positive Relationships. Not only does building positive relationships make us happier, improve our feelings of security, and provide meaning to our lives, it also affects both mental and physical health. When it comes to relationship building, we really only have two clear choices that we can make day-to-day. We can choose to build healthy and positive relationships that bring meaning to our lives or we can choose to build toxic and unhealthy relationships that are damaging to our lives and mental health. Knowing how to enhance positive relationships and diminish negative relationships is key to living a happy and satisfying life. At Happy Days Collective, we focus on positive relationship building among couples, parent-child and families alike as these relationships are the central pillars to the well-being of our day to day lives. 

Our Co-Founder
Venkatesh Chandramohan
Meditation Coach, Hypnotherapist & Musician

Music has been an integral part of my life and I started learning the drums from the age of 14 and I really grew to love it. I was an active percussionist and performer for a number of years. It took me awhile to actually realize that my passion for music actually had a very positive impact on my mental health and well-being. It was such a great avenue to help me process certain difficult situations or emotions, and it gave me the opportunity to channel these intense feelings into something beautiful, which is music. 

Interestingly I have always been intrigued by the complexities of the mind since a really young age. In 2014, my curiosity for the mysteries of the mind increased exponentially. Taking a leap of faith, I dropped my previously intended career path and went on a soul searching journey learning about yogic philosophies, techniques and tradition from various different masters and spiritual coaches from around the globe.

I had the privilege of learning from Master Dev Om who was once a student of both The Dalai Lama and Thich-Nath-Hanh who is commonly referred to as the Father of Mindfulness.

My quest led me to be a certified Hypnotherapist as well. With my profound knowledge and understanding of the idea of consciousness, I was able to help people who were battling trauma and various other emotional distress. That was the moment I truly realized my calling as a meditation coach and how powerful these techniques truly are.

My personal vision and mission is to touch the hearts, minds and lives of many to help bring about a wholesome joyful life.