Rudraksha Wealth Pendant


It consists of 2 highly vibrational 7-faced Rudrakshas together with a Ganesh Rudraksha bead. This powerful combination is further amplified using copper wire wrapping.

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As per certain Vedic and Yogic scriptures it is mentioned that the 7-faced Rudraksha harnesses the energies of the Goddess of Wealth MahaLakshmi, and it protects the wearer from poverty and blesses them with wealth and fortune. The electromagnetic properties of the 7-faced Rudraksha is such that when worn, the body and mind attracts prosperity and abundance from all 7 directions.

The Ganesha Rudraksh adds value to an individual as it elevates concentration power and assists in honing a sharp mind. It is also said that the Ganesha Rudraksha removes all obstacles in the wearer’s path.

This day and age where currency is evolving, many around the world are involved in investing, trading, crypto-currencies. With the added Ganesh Rudraksha, this Wealth Combo serves as an excellent instrument to navigate wealth and financial matters of the modern day.

Believed Benefits of the Rudraksha Wealth Combo:

– The Rudraksha bearer is protected from poverty and will achieve financial success.

– One will recieve unexpected windfall from unexpected sources.

– It helps business owners or investors make excellent decisions.

– Assists young couples who are looking to start a family grow and multiply their wealth.

– It assists in stress and anxiety managment.

– It enhances concentration and is a great asset for studying as well.

And many more benefits that will be shared to potential buyers!

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